A sky full of lighters…

Just to update you, My favourite song right now is a sky full of lights by Bruno Mars and also Bruno Mars is my favourite artist. His voice is so soft and calm. I always listen to it before I go to sleep. It makes me sleep really quickly. No one knows that I do that but now you do. Any way if you are Bruno Mars I love your songs. I Love everything about you… Yeah Kay By.

Oh yeah and If you like a sky full of Lights comment please because I might make a poll
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As some people know, this week was literacy week and our whole junior school would have to read a book. Our book was called ‘Eric’. Eric is a Foreign exchange student who comes to visit a family. Now Eric isn’t the normal exchange student you would find on your door step, Eric is different. There is also something about him that makes him special. The family had prepared a room for him but instead he chose to sleep in the pantry. That’s not really what I would of chosen but now you know how small he actually is. He the type that like exploring if you get what I mean. In the end he finds things that we think is rubbish but in his own way is treasure, maybe becaus ehe hasn’t seen anything like this before well because he is a ‘foriegn’ exchange student so he probably thinking ‘oh, this is cool’. This book really touched everyone in our class. He left a surprise that was so tounching butyou will have to read the book to find out yourself.

Jess is so coollike!


Hello again!

MY friends know that I used to like cows but now I don’t, you’re probably wondering what I like now. Well in fact, I really like OWLS! Aren’t they so cute… no or is it just me. But they are completely adorable. Those cute, big, giant eyes and that stupidly, fat body makes it look so cute. Hoot Hoot to everybody. I have missed a lot about owls when I was liking cows. Anyway, what is your opinion on owls? comment to answer!

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Interior Designing…

Hello so coolike people, here I am again writing a post about what I want to be when I grow up. If you have been on my blog (reading it) ever scince I started, Do you remember me writing a post called I want to be… and I said I wanted to be an Artist…yeah…not anymore. My final decision is to be a Interior Designer! As you know (maybe) I take drawing classes and in my drawing class you can draw anything you in my case perspective (3D stuff kind of) it kind of hit me about 2 weeks ago about all of this interior designing and I said yup, thats what I want to do. I kind love to make up these waky weird things so I bet you a million bucks its the right job for me.

It all started on one afternoon when my sister came home and we kept talking until she brought up the subject of caravans. Don’t worry you’ll get this. I said “I love how in caravan well in some caravans there are these single beds that have curtain on them and there built in the wall. I’ve always dreamt on having a bed like that” and she said “me too!” and then I said “you know, I would love to design a room with all this cool stuff, Imagine this.

Your bed room will be right next to the kitchen okay, and then your bed will be built in the wall double bed I mean and on the othere side of the bedroom will be my sisters bedroom and where ever my bed is, there will be a sliding window where we can talk to each other and there will be a light hanging from the roof from the hole of the bed frame plus little compartments to put your computer and all your stuff in. Covering the opening of your bed will be a mini curtain. You know how you have to wake up, you have to brush your teeth and wash your face and get everything ready… yeah well imagine this: next to you bed area will be you bathroom. no your bathroom will have no doors. it will be a walkin bathroom and then after that will be your cuboard. There will be two or more line thingys to hang your cloths on and there will be draws and everything. To your left will be a door to this room with plazma Tv and you know how I said your room is next to the kitchen, between you and the kitchen will be a 1 metre by 1/2 metre hole where you ding your bell and food comee through for breakfast how cool is that! and thats not all. Everything will be… wait for it… remote controlled, yup thats right Everything and I meaneverything in your room will be remote controlled.

But there is a problem, if I do make this room its going to cost alot. oh well… But isn’t it so cool? it was a so coollike idea anyway.

by socoollike peps.
jess is socoollike
P.S please give me your opinions on this room.

Just a recommendation.

Have you ever thought to yourself. “what do I do now?” when you are in a boring situation. We never fear because Charlie Mcdonnell is here. Your probably wondering ‘who is this Charlie macdonnell?’ well he is infact a very very weird person. He spends his time on Youtube making videos about his boring life and if you want to see pictures of him, just type in google his web thing called charliesocoollike or charlie macdonnell. Just to make it more clear he is a blogger but on youtube ( I don’t really know what they are called.) My favourite video of his is My crib 2 and the video is below the singing horses and you have to do is click on the smaller version of My crib 2 that is a link. About 8 months ago before he did this he also made another my crib video which was his first my crib series kind of thing. And my other favourite video is ‘why women scare me’. It’s awesomely weird because he tries to prove that women can read mind/ control minds too. I will let you figure out what happens but just to let you know some videos aren’t really… Um… satsfying no, how about not fun to watch. I also recommend watching ‘things change’ because he moves to London with his flat mate Alex Day.

Have fun watching his socoollike videos.
Jess is socoollike ( I change it because I am a charlie fan and if charlie you are reading this… Go team coolike!)

Day 1:

So I woke up at about 6:00am in the morning and Brushed my teeth did everything you normaly do in the morning plus had a glass of milk for breakfast (I know that is not a proper breky but who cares) Which wasn’t very pleasing. I also checked my bag and everything in it and for the sake of this post, I’m going to tell you what I packed. So many shirt,long sleves of course, a big pile of leggings, 6 jumpers and jacket and my toy/s patty and patty jr. Some of my friends know them as mousse and mousse jr because they were actually moose and a small moose so they are know known as patty ( beef patty) and patty jr.8:30 had a real breakfast and by 9:00 am we were off… driving. We past some houses…trees…cars. A few hours past and it was time for lunch at the boring old Macdonalds (which I hate) and then after lunch we stop for a bathroom brake and the more trees, houses and roads until Finally… we reached Mt beauty! We had dinner with the other families and slept…zzzZZZzzz

Falls creek

Hi guys,
Like I told you before, I would tell you about what happened along the way well I didn’t and because of that I didn’t,I’m going to spend the rest of this week writing post about my holiday. Just to let you know I will be doing quite a few post(around 7) because each day will be a post… So I hope you enjoy reading what I did up in the snow and I promise I will finish a post by tomorrow.


Greetings to all the people who go on my blog,

As you may know it is the school holidays and some families are going overseas and some are staying home. These holidays I’m going to the snow (falls creek to be more precise). I have been skiing before, about ¾ years ago which means it won’t be my first time obviously and this time the snow is better than ever! Just a recommendation you should try skiing if you haven’t skied before. It’s a seven hour drive and its long, really long (it’s like my 4th time at falls creek). So this time I’m going to let you come along with me as a take the long trip to falls creek because I’m bringing this exact computer to falls creek and so while my dad is driving I will tell you all the things that happen on the way. Oh and just to let you know I’m leaving this Sunday. Can’t wait!

(o ~. ~ o) <- it’s a face that’s sleeping. Can you see it?


Reflecting on term 2

Greetings people of the world,

At my school, I have been ask to do a ‘Reflecting post’ about how I have enjoyed term 2. My teacher has started me off with some questions:

  • Which do you prefer to write fiction (stories) or factual texts, like the persuasive texts we have written about healthy eating, why do you think that is so? 
  • Do you like learning about and with new technological tools such as Glogster, tagxedo and Spelling city? Would you like more or less time on your net-books?
  • Do you think the class blog adds to the enjoyment of Year 5?
  • What do you think of using edmodo in year 5? Justify your answer and tell us why?
  • What have you learned about in Science and HSIE lessons this term? Have the lessons raised questions that you want to explore further?
  • Do you think you are getting better at using your time wisely in the classroom?
  • What would you like to learn more about?
  • What can we do to help you meet your learning goals?

Here is my answer to all those questions. I love writing fiction because not only do I make the trouble but it can be about anything! I love how we use our net-books now. they are so cool but I would love to spend more time on them for an example: we actually can do our homework on our computers. I think that our class blog is a fantastic source to the environment of year 5 apart from actually going on it with takes up electricity… kind of. I think that edmodo is fantastic. I love how we can ask each other things and have discussions… yeah. Just to let you know I think HSIE rocks in year 5. I absolutely love it and I really look forward in learning more about Antarctica. I wouldn’t say I use my time wisely, I just try my hardest to fit everything in but keep it neat. I would love to learn lots of things like who was the first person to make a telephone or who can sing the loudest, something like that! Well I really want to be an Artist when I grow up so maybe we could spend more time on art, I also want to be a musician when I grow up so maybe more time on music and this may sound weird to people who are in my class but I really want to be a singer when I grow up even though the girls in my class don’t hear me sing a lot but I do at home but I suppose you can’t help me with that because that has nothing to do with learning… kind of… well yes is does but not in that way.

Jess =D

Athletics Carnival

Hi guys,

This will be a short post (just to let you know!). On  Monday the 20th of june, My school went to Hombush to have our JSAC (Junior School Athletics Carnival). I’m not such a running fan but it was compulsory. I hopped onto the bus. My partner was Lolly who is on my blog roll if you want to visit her blog anyway, we sung and talked all the way. We hopped off and walked through the gates to the main track. Most of the girls were already there because they were in field events. I dumped my bag right were I was supposed to. In the Cuthbert Zone. At our school we have four house colours. Red is Cuthbert, Blue is Franklin, Yellow is Chisholm and Green is Preston. Personaly I think that blue/franklin is better(Because it is my favourite colour) but then preston is good at athletics and chisholm is good at the swimming  carnival but cuthbert is the best!

Our sport teacher said that 100 and 200 metres was compulsory which of course was sprints which are okay. This might sound ridiculous for somone who doesn’t like running but I like 200 metres better than 100 metres. Yay for all he sport teachers!… :I. 1500 meters was first and I wasn’t going to do that. No way! I only did 100 and 200 hundred because it was compulsory which was fun but I hated how my face jiggled when I ran because it slowed me down. I liked to watch people race even though that meant I did nothing. We cheered our friends  and ate and all of that stuff you do at a carnival and we waited and waited until it was the second last race of the carnival… the relay. Oh  I forgot to mention that this was a 3-6 carnival.

 Any way, on with the carnival stuff, let me put it this way there were about 6 girls from year 3 from each house colour. 3 line up on one side of 1 hundred metres and the 3 others on the other side of 100 metres… and you know the thing where on of them start wth the pole and they run to the other side so that the person on the other side can grab the pole ana start running down the opposite way to another person and it just keeps on going and going and going until the last person who is the fasted sprints down to the other side and across the finish line… yeah thats what happened with all the other years too (year4, year5 and year6) Then there was the parents race which I didn’t other looking at. In the end the results were like this: Chisholm 4th, Cuthbert 3rd, Franklin 2nd and Preston won. So now its tuesday and everyone’s legs are dead…